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Pull No.105 with Plate No.70B
Plate Size: 3-1/2 in. x 15 in.
Pull: 3/4 in. diameter
Pull CTC: 5-1/2 in.
Material: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel 
Fasteners included for standard door thickness 1-3/4 in. Custom fasteners available for doors with thickness other than 1-3/4 in. Please call for further details and pricing.
Standard Mounting: Wood or Metal Door - Type 1 - standard duty 1?4 -20 x 2-1?4 in. Thru Bolt and finish washer and no.6 x 5/8 in. OH SMS
Optional decorative thru bolt mounting available for additonal upcharge. Mounting options: for Metal or Wood Doors - Type 12, for Glass Doors - Type 15. Use T suffix and mounting type number when ordering.
Optional surface concealed mounting for metal or wood doors available for additonal upcharge. Mounting options: for Metal Doors - Type 6, for Metal Doors with Rivnut - Type 6R, for Wood Doors - Type 8. Use C suffix and mounting type number when ordering.
When ordering: Specify pull number, mounting suffix with mounting type number, and finish.
Weight: 2.1 lbs
Meets ANSI A156.6 J405
Optional Barrier Free available in 2-1/2 in. clearance for additional upcharge. Use BF prefix when ordering (BF102 x 70B).
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  • 105x70B-C6-BSP, 105x70B-C6-US10, 105x70B-C6-US10B, 105x70B-C6-US10BE, 105x70B-C6-US26, 105x70B-C6-US26D, 105x70B-C6-US28, 105x70B-C6-US3, 105x70B-C6-US32, 105x70B-C6-US32D, 105x70B-C6-US32D316, 105x70B-C6-US32DMS, 105x70B-C6-US4, 105x70B-C6R-BSP, 105x70B-C6R-US10, 105x70B-C6R-US10B, 105x70B-C6R-US10BE, 105x70B-C6R-US26, 105x70B-C6R-US26D, 105x70B-C6R-US28, 105x70B-C6R-US3, 105x70B-C6R-US32, 105x70B-C6R-US32D, 105x70B-C6R-US32D316, 105x70B-C6R-US32DMS, 105x70B-C6R-US4, 105x70B-C8-BSP, 105x70B-C8-US10, 105x70B-C8-US10B, 105x70B-C8-US10BE, 105x70B-C8-US26, 105x70B-C8-US26D, 105x70B-C8-US28, 105x70B-C8-US3, 105x70B-C8-US32, 105x70B-C8-US32D, 105x70B-C8-US32D316, 105x70B-C8-US32DMS, 105x70B-C8-US4, 105x70B-BSP, 105x70B-US10, 105x70B-US10B, 105x70B-US10BE, 105x70B-US26, 105x70B-US26D, 105x70B-US28, 105x70B-US3, 105x70B-US32, 105x70B-US32D, 105x70B-US32D316, 105x70B-US32DMS, 105x70B-US4, 105x70B-T12-BSP, 105x70B-T12-US10, 105x70B-T12-US10B, 105x70B-T12-US10BE, 105x70B-T12-US26, 105x70B-T12-US26D, 105x70B-T12-US28, 105x70B-T12-US3, 105x70B-T12-US32, 105x70B-T12-US32D, 105x70B-T12-US32D316, 105x70B-T12-US32DMS, 105x70B-T12-US4, 105x70B-T15-BSP, 105x70B-T15-US10, 105x70B-T15-US10B, 105x70B-T15-US10BE, 105x70B-T15-US26, 105x70B-T15-US26D, 105x70B-T15-US28, 105x70B-T15-US3, 105x70B-T15-US32, 105x70B-T15-US32D, 105x70B-T15-US32D316, 105x70B-T15-US32DMS, 105x70B-T15-US4
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